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James Blunt's friendship with late "Star Wars" actress Carrie Fisher cannot be taken lightly. The 43-year-old singer provided a soundtrack for Carrie and her mother Debbie Reynolds' joint memorial on Saturday, March 25. He composed a very emotional song called "Courtney's Song" which was played during a touching video montage of the two iconic actresses. 

"There's still a light on your table. There's still your name on my phone. I can't believe I'm not able to call," the song began. "We met in a beautiful place. You danced, I talked. I go back there every single day. I'm still there, but you're not." James' melodic voice reflects the sincerity of the meaningful lyrics. "You lit me up and you led me inside. Then you disappeared with no warning sign. You broke more than my heart when you left without saying goodbye. I'm here to let you know, I'm here to let you go," he sings. 

Carrie's brother, Todd Fisher, confirmed the special friendship between his sister and James. "[Years ago], James Blunt came to Los Angeles, did not have anywhere to stay and was going to come and record a [song] he was still writing," Todd told ET. "She said, 'Stay at my place,' [so] he is literally staying at her place [when] he writes 'You're Beautiful' in her bathroom. Because there is a piano in [her] bathroom." He continued, "They inspired each other. There was this mutual inspiration going on. She had a way of rubbing off on people and inspiring people and she inspired him." 

Todd also revealed his impression of James' music. "The simplicity of his songs is pretty amazing. It's not like [it has] complicated lyrics but something about how he strings all this together is beautiful," he said. 

The actor admitted he was impressed with "Courtney's Song" and believed that it is going to be a hit. "I believe this song is going to be a really big song. Not because of what it is, but because it is beautiful standalone song, and I think it's going to mean a lot to a lot of people who have lost loved ones," so he claimed. "It is truly a gift to all of us for all of us have lost loved ones... Everybody has lost somebody and this song is a true help in letting go." 


After the outcry from many about finding an abundance of missing girls in Washington D.C., an official task force has been created in an attempt to find more missing people.

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser announced on Friday (March 24) that the city will dedicate more resources to find city children who are missing. The Congressional Black Caucus itself had already asked the FBI to assist D.C. police in their on-going investigations of missing people.

There will reportedly be an increase in the number of police officers attempting to locate people as well as the aforementioned task force to determine what social services teenagers need to stabilize their home lives. Nonprofit organizations will also receive more funds to work with vulnerable teenagers.

“Often times, these girls are repeat runaways,” Kevin Harris, a spokesman for the mayor, told the Washington Post. “So if we really want to help solve this problem and bring down the numbers, we have to break the cycle of young people, especially young girls, who repeatedly run away from home.”

National help is also on the way in trying to locate missing people across the country. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D.C.’s representative in Congress says she would introduce legislation requiring the U.S. Department of Justice to publish detailed demographic characteristics of missing children.

Police have previously been insisting that the rate of missing teenage women hasn’t risen, just the awareness of their disappearance. Regardless, something should be done to attempt to find missing people and stabilize their home so they don’t once again run away.


Even a heart attack can’t take Zorro out—thank goodness!

While appearing at a film festival in Malaga, Spain on Saturday, March 25, Antonio Banderas revealed he experienced a health scare earlier in the year.

“I suffered a heart attack on January 26, but it wasn’t serious and hasn’t caused any damage,” the actor told Spanish media, according to the Associated Press.

Banderas was briefly hospitalized outside of London, England after experiencing chest pains while exercising. He reportedly underwent a procedure in which three stents were placed into his arteries.

“It hasn’t been as dramatic as some have written,” the actor added.

Back in January, Banderas cryptically acknowledged the incident when he shared a photo of himself and girlfriend Nicole Kimpel on Instagram, captioning it, “Enjoying nature after a startle.”


She's best known for playing Hyacinth Bucket in the BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances.

And Patricia Routledge has finally been recognised for her acting as she was made a Dame at Buckingham Palace on Friday.

The 88-year-old was honoured at the ceremony by Prince Charles, along with other stars including GB hockey player Sam Quek. 


Wearing an elegant black suit teamed with pearls and a burgundy cap for the ceremony, the actress said Prince Charles said he was 'pleased' she was finally receiving the honour.


The actress, who was recognised for her services to the theatre and charity, said:  'I'm still in a state of surprise and very thrilled, and very thrilled that the Prince of Wales is here today because he just loves actors and he's our much-appreciated patron of the Actors' Benevolent Fund.'

She added: 'He said, "at last somebody's noticed". He said how pleased he was, and a little more.' 


Dame Patricia is most famous for her role as the hilariously snobbish Hyacinth Bucket in Keeping Up Appearances, but has also had a prolific career in the theatre.

She has worked in a wide range of productions across six decades, winning an Olivier Award for her role as the Old Lady in Leonard Bernstein's operetta Candide in 1988, and a Tony Award for her part as Alice Challice in Darling Of The Day in 1968. 

Dame Patricia said she has no favoured role from her long career on the stage, adding: 'I don't do beloved roles, I've just had a wonderfully interesting time with so many roles. So many interesting plays.'


She said she will now keep her medal safely stowed in a drawer, but admitted she was going to show it off later in the day.

'I shall show it to people at lunch, obviously,' she said, revealing that she is celebrating by hosting a lunch party.





Obamacare has survived. And U.S. President Donald Trump has suffered a spectacular failure.


Trump’s plan to replace Barack Obama’s health care law was withdrawn on Friday to avoid certain defeat in the House of Representatives vote that had been scheduled for the afternoon. Vote or not, the outcome is a massive defeat that may do lasting damage to Trump’s administration and that will likely reverberate through the elections in 2018 and 2020.


“Obamacare is the law of the land and it will remain the law of the land until it’s replaced,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a news conference shortly after pulling the bill at Trump’s request.


“We were close, but we didn’t have 216 votes. And that’s how legislating works.”


Their bill was broadly unpopular — with Democrats, with conservative groups, with doctors, with the public overall. But the outcome is still remarkable: a president known as a dealmaker losing the vote on his first significant piece of legislation, a momentous one at that, because of a rebellion from a faction of his own party, on one of the party’s signature issues.


The loss weakens Trump from the outset of his presidency, calling into question his self-vaunted negotiating skills and his sway over Republicans in Congress. It emboldens the Democratic opposition in Washington and in the growing “resistance” movement around the country.


It severely undermines the Ryan’s leadership. And it means that every Republican will have to explain to voters back home why they could not manage, even with full party control of the presidency and Congress, to fulfil the “repeal and replace” promise they have run on for seven years.



More tangibly, it lets millions of people keep their health insurance.


The bill, called the American Health Care Act, would have resulted in 24 million fewer people having coverage than will be covered under Obamacare, according to estimates from the independent Congressional Budget Office. The poor would have been especially hard hit; the bill amounted to a 25 per cent cut in funding for Medicaid, the government insurance program for low-income people.


“You can’t pretend and say this is a win for us,” Republican Rep. Mark Walker told the New York Times.


The defeat came after hours of rare tension on Capitol Hill. The vote was up in the air until the very end, a reality-television moment for the showman president who presided over The Apprentice. This time, he was the one being dramatically spurned.


With the vote looming in less than four hours, Ryan went to the White House to give Trump the bad news — they didn’t have the votes to win — and ask for direction. Trump’s team insisted that Ryan hold a vote anyway in order to show voters who had defied the president and chosen to preserve Obamacare.


Later, Trump decided the cost of proceeding was too high.


“We just pulled it,” Trump told the Washington Post’s Robert Costa, “I don’t blame Paul.”


If the outcome was an embarrassment for Trump, it was a humiliation for Ryan, a conservative true believer who was the driving force behind the creation of the doomed plan. While Trump said earlier Friday that Ryan should remain speaker even if they failed, his aides had begun blaming Ryan in anonymous quotes even before defeat was certain.

"The Big Bang Theory" just got a big renewal from CBS and Warner Bros. Television.

The top-rated comedy has been renewed for two more seasons, which will take the show through Season 12.

"The Big Bang Theory" has been on the air since 2007.

With fewer major network hits, "BBT" could be one of the last series to command such a huge renewal deal, including the vast paydays for its stars, Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, Kayley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar. (Reports indicate the five original cast members actually agreed to cut their per-episode fees to provide greater parity to additions Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch.)

For CBS, even losing money on the show offers benefits, since its high ratings provide a platform to try to launch new hits.

"The Big Bang Theory" has been television's number one comedy in viewers since 2010, according to CBS. This season, the show is averaging 19.40 million viewers and a whopping 5.1 rating in adults 18-49.

The show's consistently impressive ratings led to a three-season renewal back in 2014.

The new two-year agreement instantly sets the clock ticking for CBS. The pressure is on to come up with a worthy replacement, since there's reason to doubt the cast will want to continue beyond this newly announced agreement.

In many respects, "The Big Bang Theory" has been a latter-day version of "Friends," whose six stars also chose to negotiate as a group, increasing their leverage.

Both programs hail from Warner Bros. TV, which has profited handsomely from selling reruns of the shows to syndication -- another milestone few current and future sitcoms are likely to repeat.

Like "Friends," "The Big Bang Theory" also became the anchors of their network's Thursday lineup, delivering a windfall particularly among movie studios, which pay a premium for ads trumpeting their weekend releases.

CBS has already announced a spinoff for next season, featuring a younger version of Parsons's character, Sheldon.


Donald Trump's relationship with his wife Melania Trump is seemingly not going well now. The president and the First Lady reportedly sleep in separate bedrooms when they're in the same building, and even worse, it's also said that they've never spent a night together. 

"Melania does not keep hidden from everyone around her how miserable she is," a source close to the family tells Us Weekly. Another source says, "They have separate bedrooms." A third source shares, "They never spend the night together - ever." 

The First Lady is also reportedly mad at the president for trapping her in a life she doesn't like. "Melania wants as little to do with Donald as possible," says the source, adding, "She is not interested in Donald, the presidency or anything involving him." However, a rep for Melania denies the reports, claiming, "It's unfortunate that you are going to feature unnamed 'sources' that have provided fictional accounts." 

Since she officially became the First Lady back in January, Melania has kept her schedule less busy and spending most of her time in New York penthouse rather than making public appearances. She did escort Japanese prime minister's wife Akie Abe around Palm Beach in February. But she reportedly did it simply because she was going to be at Mar-a-Lago as "she refused to do it in Washington." 


The 41-year-old actress asks her estranged husband to never have their children around the 'We're the Millers' star after learning that Brad and Jennifer had been exchanging sweet messages.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce and custody battle is getting nastier. While she requests for full custody on her divorce papers, the "Maleficent" actress reportedly has a new demand to be added to their split negotiations. According to InTouch Weekly (via, Angie doesn't want Brad's other ex, Jennifer Aniston, anywhere near her kids. 

"As Angie and Brad's divorce talks continue, she's demanding that Brad agree to never have their children around Jen," the mag reports. Angie was reportedly "freaking out" after learning that Brad and Jennifer had been exchanging sweet messages over various phone calls and text messages. "Angelina is frustrated, confused, annoyed and hurt that Brad would reach out to Jen so soon after breaking up with her," a source previously said. 

Of Brad's response to Angie's ridiculous demand, the "Allied" actor thinks "the request is off the wall and irrational." He will not take it too serious since "Angie is the one who filed for divorce, not him," thus, "she will have to live with the consequences." 

Brad recently reunited with his six children after Angie brought the kids on a trip to London. "Brad's heart was full of joy to hear from his kids that they actually missed him while they were overseas," a source told the webloid, before adding that the 53-year-old actor took them out for cheeseburgers as they missed American food. 

Citing the source, the webloid claimed that Brad was planning to take the kids on their own vacation with him soon. He wanted to spoil them and even made plans to shut Disneyland down and take them after hours. 


Saturday news broke that legendary musician Chuck Berry passed away.

The iconic rock n' roll pioneer died in his St. Charles, Missouri home when police responded to a medical emergency. He was 90.

Following the sad news being confirmed, musicians took to social media to express their gratitude for his influence, share fond memories and reflect on the magnitude of the legacy he leaves behind.

Even former President Barack Obama took to Twitter to state his condolences, writing, "Chuck Berry rolled over everyone who came before him – and turned up everyone who came after.  We'll miss you, Chuck.  Be good."

Mick Jagger tweeted "I am so sad to hear of Chuck Berry's passing. I want to thank him for all the inspirational music he gave to us. He lit up our teenage years, and blew life into our dreams of being musicians and performers. His lyrics shone above others & threw a strange light on the American dream. Chuck you were amazing & your music is engraved inside us forever"

Bruce Springsteen praised him as "rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist, and the greatest pure rock 'n' roll writer who ever lived."

Countless other musicians also took to social media to pay tribute to the late legend, with many expressing how he was a musical hero and had a direct influence on their craft.


Chuck Berry, a legend of rock and roll, passed away in St. Charles County, Missouri Saturday, March 18. He was 90 years old.

Berry was crucial in the development of the popular musical genre beginning in the 1950s and released hits like “Johnny B. Goodie,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Rock and Roll Music” during his tenure as a musician.

His death was confirmed by the St. Charles County Police department, however a cause of death hasn’t yet been made public. First responders found an unresponsive Berry and immediately administered lifesaving techniques, according to the St. Charles County Police Department Facebook page. He was unable to be revived and was pronounced deceased at 1:26 p.m.

Chuck Berry’s family have requested privacy during this trying time. BET’s thoughts go out to the Berry family. We will keep you updated on this story as it develops.


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