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He's up for re-election to continue running world football, but Sepp Blatter's bid to stay on as FIFA president has fallen on deaf ears as regards Argentine great Diego Maradona.


"We are talking about the most beautiful sport and most passionate in the world," Maradona told CNN anchor Becky Anderson in an exclusive interview, "and it's been directed by a freezer, someone who should live in a block of ice."


FIFA's current head has held the position for four terms since 1998, and is running against former Portuguese international Luis Figo, as well as Prince Ali bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, whose campaign is backed by Maradona.


"Rats can get anywhere in the world; he is the president of FIFA," added Maradona, who went on to dub football's governing body "a mafia."


FIFA under Blatter's leadership has been mired in controversy since its decision to award the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar.


Criticism of the organization reached a fever pitch when the man hired to investigate the bidding process for those World Cups, American lawyer Michael Garcia, resigned in protest last year, unhappy that the published summary did not accurately reflect his findings.


Africa is likely to be a bedrock of support for Blatter in his re-election bid, but Maradona cited the poor conditions for that continent's footballing youth as evidence of FIFA's current failings.


"I was talking to Samuel Eto [who currently plays for Italian Serie A side Sampdoria] and he told me that they are playing in the same old pitch where he used to play when he was seven," said Maradona. "So, after all the World Cups that we [Cameroon] played, what happened to all that money that was collected?"


"I want transparency," said the Argentine, who hoisted the World Cup trophy after beating West German in the 1986 final. "I want to finish with the corrupt contracts in FIFA."


Blatter ran unopposed in 2011, after his most vocal opponent, Mohammed bin Hammam of Qatar withdrew just before the vote. One month later, the Qatari was banned from all football activities for life by a FIFA panel.


Blatter had stated that he would not run again after 2011, but changed his mind. He is a strong frontrunner when FIFA's 209 members go to the polls on May 29.


FIFA was not immediately available for comment when contacted to provide a response to Maradona's interview, but earlier this year, responding to criticism of his tenure of office, Blatter told CNN, "You know it is impossible to make everybody happy.


"If I would have only positive press then it would not be good. And I like criticism as long as the criticism is... I would say fair criticism.


"I like the discussion to go with that. But listen I've been there such a long time now and I just want to finish that," he added.


Maradona spends much of his time in Dubai these days, and voiced his opinion for a unified 2022 World Cup in the Gulf Arab states, which -- apart from slated host Qatar -- include the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.


"Of course it would have been better, the distances are not huge," he said. "It would have been way more productive for the Arab world. But it seems like Blatter only has friends in Qatar."


Maradona knows the region well.


Three years ago, he was sacked by United Arab Emirates club Al-Wasl after only 14 months in charge.


He arrived in Dubai on a lucrative contract in May 2011, but could only manage to take Al-Wasl to eighth place in the 12-team UAE Pro-League -- which resulted in the club's board resigning.


Maradona was not given the chance to continue his two-year tenure by the new board.


He is one of the greatest players in soccer history, having helped Napoli win two Italian league titles after a difficult two-year stay at Barcelona -- both clubs signed him for record fees.


But his career was marred by controversy over drug use -- he was thrown out of the 1994 World Cup after testing positive for ephedrine -- and he suffered from subsequent health problems.


Maradona's parting words crystalized his sentiment towards Blatter: "I only ask God, and my mom that is in heaven, that I can have the opportunity to get this man out of FIFA and give the people what they deserve."


Meanwhile FIFA has described a claim made by an ESPN documentary that Blatter is avoiding traveling to the U.S. due to an FBI investigation into the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bidding process as "absolutely untrue."


"FIFA has never received any request from the American law enforcement," said a FIFA statement sent to CNN.


"During his mandate period, the President tries to visit as many of the 209 Member Associations as possible.‎


"As the President travels extensively, we need to check precisely when he last visited the U.S., but his travels are not restricted by any alleged fears."

The winner of "American Idol" season 14 has been announced. In the Wednesday, May 13 finale, Nick Fradiani took home the champion title, beating out Clark Beckham following their head-to-head performances on Tuesday night. 


"I can't ...," the Connecticut native tearfully said. "Thank you guys so much, thank you so much. It's amazing - the best day of my life." He sang his coronation song "Beautiful Life" which he debuted the night before. 


Earlier on the show, judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. teamed up for a medley of Rihanna's "Diamonds" and Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven". Janelle Monae, Ricky Martin and Jamie Foxx also took the stage to perform their new songs, while former judge Steven Tyler, Nile Rodgers and Chic, Pitbull and Chris Brown, Vance Joy, Echosmith, New Kids on the Block and Michael McDonald performed with the finalists. 


After over a year of performing the Marcia Griffiths’ and Friends World Tour, Veteran Reggae artiste Marcia Griffiths is now quite perturbed as events slated for England this week face imminent postponement.


The four shows slated from May 14-17, at the O2 Academy venues in Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham and London have hit a standstill, as most of the necessary artistes arrangements have not been made to date.


“I've never experienced anything like this; I've never disappointed any audience especially in London because they have always showed love to me from the years of Bob and Marcia. The Promoter, Malinnga Tejan-Sie kept dragging his feet and now we have discovered that no flights, or accommodations had been taken care of.” Marcia shared earlier today in a release to the media.


“We have been communicating with Malinnga for weeks and he kept telling us that everything is fine and that we would be flying to England on May 10. We still could not get actual confirmations of flights and accommodations and were then contacted by AMG Events themselves, this is when we found out that the company was under the impression that all deposits were paid over to us by the promoter and that we were on route to England.” Marcia added.


Set to perform on Marcia Griffiths and Friends are; Bob Andy, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths and Tanya Stephens with a special appearance from Richie Spice. All four major artistes on the tour were prepared to make adjustment and forgo outstanding deposits to salvage the events; but with work permits not receiving the priority payments to expedited the processing and passports for the team, and actual musicians from the 809 band still in the custody of the UK Embassy overseas, performing this week is no longer a possibility.


Extremely saddened by these occurrences, Marcia wants her fans in England to be aware of what has transpired and understand that the artistes made every effort to appear.


“When these things happen the artistes get blamed and branded ‘no shows’, this affects my brand and my name and so I really want everyone to know what has happened in this instance” Marcia Explained “We are looking into postponing until a later date as these events were being well promoted and patrons have been purchasing tickets for the shows”.


This isn't the first time Mandinka Ltd has failed to execute the Marcia Griffiths and Friend tour in England. The tour was originally slated for September 2014 but had been postponed after the promoter was unable to secure adequate financial backing.


Federal investigators have determined that an Amtrak train that crashed in Philadelphia, killing at least seven people, was careening through the city at 106 mph before it ran off the rails along a sharp curve where the speed limit drops to just 50 mph, yet they still don't know why it was going so fast.


Robert Sumwalt, of the National Transportation Safety Board, said a data recorder and a video camera in the train's front end could yield clues to what happened. Amtrak inspected the stretch of track on Tuesday, just hours before the accident, and found no defects, according to the Federal Railroad Administration.


Sumwalt said the engineer applied the emergency brakes moments before the crash but slowed the train to only 102 mph by the time the locomotive's black box stopped recording data. The speed limit just before the bend is 80 mph, he said.


The attorney for the engineer at the controls of an Amtrak train that careened off the tracks while traveling at an excessive speed said Thursday his client has no recollection of the accident.


Appearing on ABC's "Good Morning America", lawyer Robert Goggin said the engineer, Brandon Bostian, 32, of New York, suffered a concussion in Tuesday night's crash and had 15 staples in his head.


"He remembers coming into curve. He remembers attempting to reduce seed and thereafter he was knocked out," Goggin said.


The lawyer said the last thing the engineer remembered was coming to, looking for his bag, retrieving his cellphone and calling 911 for help.


Googin said his client was distraught when he learned of the devastation and believes the engineer's memory will likely return once the head injury subsides.


The engineer refused to give a statement to law enforcement and left a police precinct with a lawyer, police said. Sumwalt said federal accident investigators want to talk to him but will give him a day or two to recover from the shock of the accident.


Mayor Michael Nutter said he was frustrated to learn how fast the train was going. "Part of the focus has to be, what was the engineer doing?" Nutter said. "Why are you traveling at that rate of speed?"


More than 200 people aboard the Washington-to-New York train were injured in the wreck, which happened in a decayed industrial neighborhood not far from the Delaware River just before 9:30 p.m. Tuesday. Passengers crawled out the windows of the torn and toppled rail cars in the darkness and emerged dazed and bloody, many of them with broken bones and burns. At least 10 people remained hospitalized in critical condition on Wednesday.


It was the nation's deadliest train accident in nearly seven years. There is no Amtrak service between Washington and New York again on Thursday.


The NTSB finding about the train's speed corroborated an AP analysis done earlier in the day of surveillance video from a spot along the tracks. The AP concluded from the footage that the train was speeding at approximately 107 mph moments before it entered the curve.


Despite pressure from Congress and safety regulators, Amtrak had not installed along that section of track Positive Train Control, a technology that uses GPS, wireless radio and computers to prevent trains from going over the speed limit. Most of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor is equipped with Positive Train Control.


"Based on what we know right now, we feel that had such a system been installed in this section of track, this accident would not have occurred," Sumwalt said.


The notoriously tight curve is not far from the site of one of the deadliest train wrecks in U.S. history: the 1943 derailment of the Congressional Limited, bound from Washington to New York. Seventy-nine people were killed.


The dead in Tuesday's crash included an Associated Press employee, a midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, a Wells Fargo executive, a college administrator and the CEO of an educational startup.


Nutter said some people were unaccounted for but cautioned that some passengers listed on the Amtrak manifest might not have boarded the train, while others might not have checked in with authorities.


"We will not cease our efforts until we go through every vehicle," the mayor said.


The crash took place about 10 minutes after the train pulled out of Philadelphia's 30th Street Station with 238 passengers and five crew members listed aboard. The locomotive and all seven passenger cars hurtled off the track as the train made a left turn, Sumwalt said.


Of the engineer, Sumwalt said: "This person has gone through a very traumatic event, and we want to give him an opportunity to convalesce for a day or so before we interview him. But that is certainly a high priority for us, to interview the train crew."


Jillian Jorgensen was seated in the second passenger car and said the train was going "fast enough for me to be worried" when it began to lurch to the right. Then the lights went out, and Jorgensen was thrown from her seat.


She said she "flew across the train" and landed under some seats that had apparently broken loose from the floor.


Jorgensen, a reporter for The New York Observer who lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, said she wriggled free as fellow passengers screamed. She saw one man lying still, his face covered in blood, and a woman with a broken leg.


She climbed out an emergency exit window, and a firefighter helped her down a ladder to safety.


"It was terrifying and awful, and as it was happening it just did not feel like the kind of thing you could walk away from, so I feel very lucky," Jorgensen said in an email.


Among the dead were award-winning AP video software architect Jim Gaines, a father of two; Justin Zemser, a Naval Academy midshipman from New York City; Abid Gilani, a senior vice president in Wells Fargo's commercial real estate division in New York; Derrick Griffith, dean of student affairs and enrollment management at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York; and Rachel Jacobs, who was commuting home to New York from her new job as CEO of the Philadelphia educational software startup ApprenNet.


"It's incredible that so many people walked away from that scene last night," the mayor said. "I saw people on this street behind us walking off of that train. I don't know how that happened, but for the grace of God."


The area where the wreck happened is known as Frankford Junction, situated in a neighborhood of warehouses, industrial buildings and homes.


Amtrak carries 11.6 million passengers a year along its busy Northeast Corridor, which runs between Washington and Boston.

A new and revealing fact has emerged on the real cause that prompted Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn's recent separation. It was reported that he cheated on her with "faceless, nameless woman" during their hectic schedule which sometimes forced them to spend time apart. 


"He had a relapse in the sex department," a friend told Daily Mail of Woods. "Lindsey found out about women again. Always while he's on the road. Just like when he was with Elin," the friend added when referring to the professional golfer's former wife Elin Nordegren. 


The friend, moreover, claimed Woods had a one-night stand in Southern California back in February after he was eliminated from the San Diego-based Farmers Insurance Open. "He withdrew from Farmers. You have to understand, while it's not right, it's not really wrong either. Tiger isn't married. He doesn't really drink or do drugs. So what else does he have when he can't afford to lose again? He is allowed to find some relief," explained the friend. 


"Most men would drink over such losses. Tiger has sex over it. Usually with local hookers whom he pays exorbitant amounts to, probably so they will want repeat business and won't tell," the friend said. "When Tiger realized he was seen, he became concerned and eventually he decided to confess to Lindsey. Something he didn't do with Elin. He came clean and I give him credit for that. Yes, Tiger cheated again. But it wasn't with anyone special. He really wanted Lindsey to be the one. But he blew it again. He can't help himself. He's got an addiction. He relapsed. Knowing Tiger, he doesn't even see it as cheating because there's no romance or feeling there. It's just a stress reliever, like a high-ball or two after a bad day." 


Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn announced their separation in separate statements online earlier this month after three years of dating. The 39-year-old golfer and 30-year-old Olympic skier claimed the split was mutual, citing their "incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart" as the major cause. 


Brace yourselves, because another Shonda Rhimes series is coming to a small screen near you.


The TV mogul's latest addiction "The Catch," which got picked up by ABC last week, now has its first trailer. Mireille Enos ("The Killing") stars as Alice Martin, a fraud investigator who becomes a victim of fraud herself when her fiancé Kieran (Damon Dayoub) cons her with the help of his wife Zoe, played by Bethany Joy Lenz ("One Tree Hill"). The thriller also stars Alimi Ballard, Jay Hayden, Jacky Ido, Rose Rollins and Elvy Yost. "The Catch," which will be executive produced by Rhimes, Betsy Beers, Jennifer Schuur and Julie Anne Robinson, has a midseason premiere.


ABC also announced its fall schedule on Tuesday and released trailers for five other dramas and four new comedies, including "The Muppets" reboot and Ken Jeong's "Dr. Ken." 

Facebook Inc tied up with nine news publishers to launch "Instant Articles" that will let them publish articles directly to the social network's mobile news feeds.


Instant Articles will let stories load more than 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles and will include content from publishers such as the New York Times, BuzzFeed and National Geographic, Facebook said in a blog post on its website.


"Instant Articles lets them deliver fast, interactive articles while maintaining control of their content and business models," said Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox.


The news publishers can either sell and embed advertisements in the articles and keep all of the revenue, or allow Facebook to sell ads.


The Internet social networking company will also let the news companies track data and traffic through comScore and other analytics tools.


The other launch partners for Instant Articles are NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel and Bild, Facebook said.

At least six people were killed when an Amtrak train traveling from Washington to New York City partially derailed in Philadelphia on Tuesday night


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter described the scene as an "absolute disastrous mess."


"I have never seen anything like it in my life," Nutter said.


At least 140 people were taken to area hospitals, out of 243 people on the train: 238 passengers and five crew members. Several were in critical condition, and most of the injured suffered fractures, the Associated Press reported. Secondary searches were underway, which could lead to a rise in the death and injury toll. Five people were confirmed dead several hours after the crash; a sixth died overnight at Temple University Hospital, where victims were being treated.


The derailment occurred before 10 p.m. on the 2000 block of Wheatsheaf Lane in Philadelphia, according to officials, when six cars of Train 188 overturned in the city's Port Washington section.


"I've never seen anything so devastating," Philadelphia Fire Chief Derrick Sawyer said.


"We do not know what happened here. We do not know why this happened," Nutter said. Initial reports indicated that the train derailed just as it entered a turn.


Nutter told CNN that there was no indication derailment was result of impact with another train.


"We were rolling along nice and smooth and then all of a sudden we were on our side," passenger Don Kelleher told WCAU.


"All of a sudden it felt like the brakes were hit hard and then our car," passenger Michael Black said.


Video from the scene showed emergency crews with flashlights swarming the crash site. A four-alarm response, approximately 120 firefighters and 200 police officers were responding to the derailment, according to WCAU. A triage center has been setup, and buses are being used to transport passengers from the scene.


Paul Cheung, director of interactive and digital news production for The Associated Press, was on the train and said it appeared as if the train went off the tracks. "You could see everything starting to shake," he said. "You could see people's stuff flying over me."


The front of the train “looks pretty bad,” Cheung added. He said he saw "some people mangled up."


According to Richards, the train was supposed to arrive in New York at 10:30 p.m. Richards heard a loud crash around 9:20 p.m.


Former U.S. congressman Patrick Murphy, who represented part of suburban Philadelphia, tweeted from the train, saying that he was not harmed, but others appeared injured.


"People were pretty banged up. There was a lot of blood, a lot of bleeding. I pulled myself up. The guy who I kind of landed on was OK. The guy next to him was completely passed out, knocked unconscious," Murphy told WPVI.


Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) was aboard the train, but had gotten off before the derailment.


"I am grateful to be home safe and sound in Wilmington, and my heart goes out to all those on the train tonight. I hope all of those that are injured recover quickly, and I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers," Carper said in a statement.


In a statement released Tuesday night, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D) described the crash as "devastating."


"My thoughts and prayers are with all of those impacted by tonight's train derailment," Wolf stated. "For those who lost their lives, those who were injured, and the families of all involved, this situation is devastating. I want to sincerely thank our first responders for their brave and quick action. I am closely monitoring the situation and I am in contact with state and local authorities."


The National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Railroad Administration have sent investigators to the scene, but so far, as cause hasn't been determined.


Amtrak canceled service between New York and Philadelphia after the derailment.


Amtrak set up a hotline for family and friends of passengers on the train: 1-800-523-9101


The area where the derailment occurred is normally under a speed restriction, according to


On Sunday, an Amtrak train heading for New Orleans hit a flatbed truck at a railway crossing in Amite, Louisiana, killing the truck's driver and injuring two on the train.


The derailment in Philadelphia comes on the eve of congressional markup of a bill that would trim Amtrak's budget, Politico reported.

According to Premier, Lukasz Fabianski came back to haunt Arsenal as Bafetimbi Gomis returned from injury to grab a dramatic late winner for Swansea City in Monday's 1-0 victory at Emirates Stadium.



After a tight first half, Arsenal pummelled the Swansea goal after the break, but Polish goalkeeper Fabianski, who joined Swansea in the close-season after a seven-year spell in north London, made a string of superb stops to deny the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Nacho Monreal and Theo Walcott.



And Fabianski's contribution proved priceless as Gomis, who came on as a second-half substitute following a month-long lay-off with an ankle injury, headed home an 85th-minute winner, with the goal decision system showing the ball clearly went in despite David Ospina's best efforts.



It was the second time Gomis has scored against Arsenal this term after he netted in Swansea's 2-1 home win in November, and Garry Monk's side maintained their challenge for a top seven finish that will guarantee UEFA Europa League football should Arsene Wenger's team beat Aston Villa in the FA Cup final.

Arsenal, meanwhile, have surrendered the advantage in the race for second to Manchester City with just two matches remaining.



Wenger named the same starting XI for the fifth straight match, and the hosts had the first sight of goal when Olivier Giroud nodded Aaron Ramsey's cross over the bar.

Both teams struggled to create clear-cut chances, though, as Swansea's Jonjo Shelvey attempted an ambitious long-range half-volley, more out of hope more than expectation, which sailed well over.



Arsenal had tentative penalty claims waved by away referee Kevin Friend in the 27th minute when Alexis Sanchez claimed he was tugged to ground by Neil Taylor from a Santi Cazorla free-kick.



Arsenal continued to dominate possession as the half wore on, but aside from a 25-yard effort that Giroud curled wide, they failed to trouble Fabianski.

There was more intent about Arsenal's game after the restart and Federico Fernandez made a superb sliding block from Hector Bellerin's low centre from the right to deny Giroud a chance at goal.



Soon after, Giroud's clever flick was pounced upon by Sanchez who showed great strength to hold off Fernandez before shooting into the side-netting.

Arsenal continued to surge forward and Ramsey rifled into the side-netting, before Cazorla dug out a shot from the edge of the penalty area that Fabianski saved well low to his right.



Swansea were under siege, but Arsenal substitute Theo Walcott could only prod Bellerin's centre straight at Fabianski.

Fabianski was in unbeatable form, with Wenger left scratching his head when the Pole denied Monreal one-on-one before making a fine double save from Sanchez and Walcott in the 78th minute.



And Arsenal's profligacy was punished five minutes from time, as Taylor chipped in a cross from the left and Gomis leapt highest to head home, with Ospina's attempted save not enough to prevent the ball from crossing the line.



Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger: "It's frustrating. We were never less under threat to concede a goal all season, and we were a bit unlucky on the goal and a bit guilty as well. If you play this game 20 times you win 19, but tonight was the other one."



Swansea City manager Garry Monk: "We could've gone toe-to-toe, but we set up that way and the players were magnificent. I knew if we got a chance or two at the end we'd take one, and thankfully we did. I've tried to make us adaptable - we had to give Arsenal respect, and sometimes you have to play a different way. Today showed exactly what we're about."

George Zimmerman -- acquitted by a Florida jury over the death of Trayvon Martin -- was involved in a shooting in Lake Mary, Florida, on Monday, police spokeswoman Bianca Gillett said.


Zimmerman apparently suffered a minor gunshot wound, CNN affiliate WESH-TV reported, citing the police chief.


The affiliate spoke with one witness, Ricardo Berrare, who also said Zimmerman's injuries didn't look serious.


"He walked normally into the ambulance, so he wasn't being helped or nothing," Berrare told WESH.


The shooting is under investigation, but it appeared to be some type of road rage incident, Gillett told CNN.


Police said there were no fatalities in the shooting and said the department would not release additional information until a briefing planned for Monday afternoon.


It is the latest headline-grabbing incident for Zimmerman since his acquittal in July 2013 on a murder charge in the death of Martin, a 17-year-old African-American.


Zimmerman fatally shot Martin on February 26, 2012.


On that day, Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain in Sanford, Florida, called 911 to report "a suspicious person" in the neighborhood.


He was instructed not to get out of his SUV or approach the person, but Zimmerman disregarded the instructions. Moments later, neighbors report hearing gunfire.


Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in northern Texas in July 2013, a few weeks after he was acquitted of Martin's death.


He apparently had a firearm in the glove compartment of a vehicle, prompting an officer to tell him, "Don't play with your firearm, OK?"


He was sent on his way with a warning.


In November of that year, police took him into custody at his then-girlfriend's home in Apopka, Florida, after an apparent fight.


He was arrested on aggravated assault and misdemeanor counts of domestic violence battery and criminal mischief, but the woman later asked that the charges be dropped and Zimmerman was not prosecuted.


In September 2014, police in Lake Mary said a man claimed Zimmerman threatened to kill him during a road rage incident. He wasn't arrested in that incident.


Then, in January, he was arrested on another domestic violence complaint after he allegedly threw a wine bottle at a girlfriend, his lawyer Don West told reporters at the time. She later recanted and charges were never filed, CNN affiliate WESH reported.

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