R. Kelly’s Ex-Wife Tears Up While Recalling Years Of Domestic Abuse

Soul singer R. Kelly’s ex-wife has accused the soul singer of abuse during their marriage in a hard-hitting, emotional new TV chat.

In what appears to be the first time she has spoken about her troubled marriage, Andrea Kelly tells TVOne network show The Sister Circle her former husband almost drove her to suicide.

Weeping uncontrollably as she told her story, Andrea recalled the day she almost took her life after “playing sick all day” and staying in bed.

She said she just wanted to end her life and climbed onto the ledge of the balcony of the hotel room she was staying in and seriously contemplated jumping, because she was so miserable.

“I remember looking down and it was almost like God was able to let me see the future and I saw my body laid in blood and I saw the ambulance coming…(sic),” she recalled. “And then I remembered my baby’s voice in the back room, going, ‘Momma, momma, why did momma jump…?’.

“I remember jumping down and I said, ‘OK God, you have to give me an answer today… What do you want me to do if this is not for me, and you want me to leave…?'”.

Andrea claims, in a moment of clarity, she felt compelled to reach for her laptop computer and search for ‘domestic violence’, even though she didn’t think she was a victim at the time.

“(I said), ‘I’m not the broken bone girl!'” she adds. “God said, ‘Keep scrolling’, so I kept scrolling and kept scrolling and at the end of the domestic violence website there was a questionnaire and it was 17 questions and they asked me, ‘Has your abuser ever done…’ – and of the 17, Robert had done 15 to me”.

The hard-hitting new interview comes just weeks after it was revealed a new investigative documentary exploring the multiple allegations of sex abuse against R. Kelly is in development for streaming service Hulu.

The I Believe I Can Fly star has faced repeated claims of inappropriate sexual behaviour from a number of women and young girls in recent months, ever since he was accused of running a sex cult in an expose on BuzzFeed News last summer (17).

Kelly’s representatives have vehemently denied the reports, but now Jim DeRogatis, the veteran radio host and music critic who broke the story, has reteamed with BuzzFeed News deputy national editor Marisa Carroll to dig further into the scandal.

According to Variety, their documentary will also feature interviews with a variety of people from the singer’s past, including former associates and alleged abuse survivors.

A release date has yet to be set.

Kelly was acquitted on a child pornography count in 2008, but has never been charged with any crime in relation to the ongoing sex scandal.

It’s not the only forthcoming TV project to examine the controversial claims against Kelly. Lifetime network officials recently announced plans for their own investigative series, which comes weeks after a BBC show focusing on the R&B veteran’s years of alleged misconduct aired in the U.K.

In that documentary, a former girlfriend accused the singer of “grooming” an underage girl to become his sexual pet.

Another ex, Faith Rodgers, has since also filed suit against Kelly for sexual assault.

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