Man who is 90 per cent covered in tattoos has his genitals removed

A cancer survivor who tattooed almost 90 per cent of his body has had his genitals removed – because they spoiled the view of his body art.

Adam Curlykale, 32, from Kaliningrad in Russia, spent 12 years covering his body, including his eyeballs, with black ink after he was diagnosed with cancer.

But he felt that some parts of his body that weren’t inked spoiled the look of his body art, so he paid to have his penis, testicles and nipples removed.

He had to travel to Jardines Hospital in Guadalajara, Mexico, to have the operation to remove his nipples and private parts, local media reported.

After the operation, he shared pictures of himself in hospital with his social media followers.

He became famous last year after taking part in a television show called ‘Second Face’ in Poland where he revealed he had gotten his tattoos to cover the blemishes that were left behind by the cancer.

Mr Curlykale beat the cancer, but was left with a weakened immune system and was depressed because his skin looked sickly and pale.

When doctors diagnosed him with albinism, he had already started on his tattoos.

‘I always knew that I was different from the rest of society,’ he said.

‘My favourite colour, for example, has always been grey, in different tones, and that’s why my current skin colour is graphite.’

He said he is still planning what tattoos to get on the small section of his skin that remains ink-free.

‘I design my tattoos because it’s my body. I have a specific vision for myself and I do it step by step,’ he said.

‘Life is so short that I stopped wondering what will happen tomorrow. Life is here and now.’

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