Diana Ross Slams Airport Security For Failing To Put Her Belongings Neatly

Diana Ross has vented her fury at airport security officials online for failing to put her belongings back neatly after a bag search.

The Upside Down hitmaker was passing through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at an undisclosed airport on Friday, August 17 when her luggage was pulled aside for a more thorough search.

“I can’t say that I like it when strangers go through my personal luggage at the airports and then they NEVER put my things back the way I packed them,” she fumed on Twitter, “it feels like a violation. And I know I can’t do anything about it! OUCHES (sic)!!!!”

However, the Supremes legend, 74, later had a change of heart about the TSA, as she shared a glowing tweet about airport and airline staff.

“And I’m thankful for being able to fly in these magnificent airplanes, and I’m thankful for the pilots and the crews, and I’m thankful for all the security that is in place for us,” Ross wrote. “I put my complaints behind and I stay grateful and appreciative for each day.”

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