Prayers for Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore

Relatives, friends and visitors held hands in prayer outside the Intensive Care Unit at the San Fernando General Hospital on Monday. Meanwhile doctors and nurses attended to pan arranger and player Ken “Professor” Philmore, 58.

On Monday morning Philmore was involved in a road accident on the Solomon Hochoy Highway.

Tuesday, his wife Sophia Philmore was at the hospital awaiting word from the doctors. She told Newsday she is praying for her husband’s recovery.

“He just came out of surgery and he has to return to the operating theatre now,” she said.

Police reports said on Monday morning, Philmore was driving north on the highway in his Toyota Hilux, when he lost control of the van, which swerved off the roadway and flipped several times. Philmore was thrown out and landed on the highway. A short while later an ambulance arrived and took him to hospital.

Yesterday nurses said that Philmore was awake and alert but could not see visitors for at least 12 hours. Relatives said the ace panman suffered broken ribs.

Sophia also took to social media to thank all those who offered prayers for her husband, posting: “Just want to say a heartfelt thank you for all your calls, messages and prayers. Ken is seriously injured but not critical. He is not allowed visitors yet. He has suffered some internal injuries in the chest area but the prognosis is good. Sorry I could not take many of your calls today. I will keep you posted as to when he can have visitors. Thanks for your prayers. The support is tremendous. Sophia Philmore.”

St Margaret’s police are investigating the accident.

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