Toni tells her family she ‘doesn’t like’ them

You know the saying, “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family.” Well, Toni Braxton wishes it was the other way around.

In a sneak preview of the upcoming season finale of Braxton Family Values, the “Un-Break My Heart” singer revealed she “doesn’t like” her family while in the middle of a family counseling session. (For those who didn’t catch that, she actually told her family face-to-face that she didn’t like them. Yeah, awkward!)

“I am confessing that, although I love my family, most of the time I don’t like my family. Everyone in my family.” Toni said before making it clear that she means “everybody.”

“I feel like I’m angry at everybody in my family,” she admitted, addressing her sisters — Traci, Tamar, Trina, and Towanda — and parents — Evelyn and Michael. “I don’t like my family. If they weren’t my family, they wouldn’t be my friends.”

As fans know, the Braxtons have always been quite honest about their familial struggles. However, Toni’s confession seems like a new low for the reality TV family.

Back in August, Tamar aired some of her family’s dirty laundry, while simultaneously throwing shade at K. Michelle, when she commented on her sister Traci’s decision to continue filming their family’s show, Braxton Family Values, with her friends rather than their sisters, who decided to call it quits after the show’s sixth season.

Tamar replied to a fan’s comment on Instagram, saying, Traci’s isn’t getting paid, “she is getting LESS than lahh [Love and Hip Hop]” which is “basically nothing.”

K, who starred on Love and Hip Hop for years, seemed to take the dig personally, taking to Instagram Live to call Tamar out for her comment. “Ta-muppet talking about what we make on Love and Hip Hop. Girl, you ain’t paying your coins either, honey. You getting kicked out of your house. You ain’t getting too much on We,” she clapped back, referencing WeTV, the network that Braxton Family Values is aired on.

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