Desperate Housewives’ Felicity Huffman SNUBS co-star Teri Hatcher

Desperate Housewives star Felicity Huffman appeared to snub her former co-star Teri Hatcher in a gushing tribute post to honour 14 years since the show aired.

The 55-year-old actress, who played Lynette Scavo in the show, honoured her beloved fellow Housewives in the post yet fans pointed out that Teri, who depicted ditzy Susan Mayer, was notably absent from the loving captions.

During the height of the show’s fame over a decade ago, rumours were incessantly rife of trouble between the cast members, including an alleged row on a Vanity Fair cover shoot and Teri’s absence from leaving gifts to the crew at the end of the show.

After Desperate Housewives hit screens in 2004, the show became an instant hit yet Teri’s role as ‘the main star’ allegedly became a point of contention among the other actresses of the show, with rumours of trouble attached to the cast.

Taking to Instagram, Felicity honoured Eva Longoria, who played brattish Gabrielle Solis, Marcia Cross, starring as the foreboding Bree Van De Kamp, Nicolette Sheridan, who depicted Edie Britt, and Brenda Strong, who voiced Mary-Alice Young.

While Felicity always maintained the feud rumours were laughable, fans could not help but note that among her six tributes to the stars, which were all tagged – save for Teri’s picture, a personal anecdote or nod to the Superman actress was absent.

Under the image of Teri, which sat alongside a picture of herself on-set and a selfie with on-screen husband Doug Savant, who played Tom Scavo, she wrote: ‘#Desperate Housewives celebrated its 14-year anniversary this week…

‘In honor of the occasion, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane (I mean, Wisteria Lane) with you all. Here goes…

‘Much like Lynette, I was a mother to two tiny kids at home, and sometimes showed up to work in my PJs because I couldn’t get it together to dress. My daughters used to hang around on the set and had specific hiding places within the Scavo residence – usually behind the couch or under the beds.’

Fans noted the snub, writing in the comments section: ‘I’m so sad that’s not really working between you and teri but i can understand, that’s life, we don’t choose…

‘Apparently Terry wasn’t that great to work with. The three had remained friends and still support each other and Tery was just a colleague. Nothing wrong with that…

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