Madonna Accused Of Getting Butt Implants

Madonna’s surprise appearance at Stonewall Inn in New York apparently wasn’t the only thing that people are buzzing about. The singer, who joined forces with her adopted son David Banda to perform at the historic gay bar, has left fans questioning whether she has gone under the knife due to her shocking new backside.
As photos and videos of her surprise appearance continue to make its way round on the internet, people can’t help but notice that her derriere looked bigger and somehow enhanced. Later on, they took to social media to accuse the 60-year-old songbird of getting butt implants, with some likening her figure to the likes of Nicki Minaj’s and Kim Kardashian’s.
“She went to the same doctor as Kim Kardashian,” one Instagram user wrote, while one other believed she and “Nicki went to the same doctor.” Some others, on the other hand, weren’t actually impressed with her new look. “I absolutely love Madonna have always been one of her biggest fans. But I can’t with the butt implants,” said one user, as another seemingly couldn’t believe what s/he saw. “What in the fake booty hell???” so the said user wrote.

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