Olivia Newton John’s Team Calls ‘At Death’s Door’ Report ‘Hilarious’

Olivia Newton-John’s publicist has slammed reports that the star only has “weeks to live”.

The 70-year-old singer and actress confirmed she had been diagnosed with the disease in September (2018), more than two decades after she first beat breast cancer.

A story on U.S. website Radar Online claimed she is at death’s door and was fighting to stay alive for her daughter Chloe’s upcoming wedding, while Australian site Now to Love editors asserted she only has “weeks not months” to live.

Radar Online’s source claimed: “Olivia’s bodily functions appear to be shutting down, but she refuses to let go until she makes it through Chloe’s wedding day!”

Her publicist Michael Caprio told website news.com.au the stories are “hilarious” and added, “You might want to get better sources versus reading tabloids.”

The “Physical” hitmaker’s social media manager Randy Slovacek reiterated the denial to Australia’s Herald Sun newspaper, saying: “We have stated over and over again publicly she’s feeling better. People just seem to want to believe some dramatic turn.”

In September Olivia’s representatives initially denied reports the return of her cancer caused her to cancel several tour dates, stating she had dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

However, she later revealed her cancer had returned and metastised to her spine in an interview with Aussie TV show “Sunday Night”. She also confessed that she had tackled the disease in 2013 when a tumour was found in her shoulder, but had decided against going public with that diagnosis at the time.

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