B. Smith’s Husband Defends Decision To Date Another Woman While Caring For Sick Wife

girlfriend, Alex Lerner, while his wife is battling Alzheimer’s disease. Many are dubbing him “trash” and “terrible human being,” especially after learning the fact that he lets Lerner stay in their marital home whenever she comes to visit.
But Gasby didn’t let the critics bring him down, defending his decision to date another woman while caring for his wife as well as hitting back at the said critics. Posting a rather lengthy message on Facebook, the businessman addressed it to the “idiots and ignorant people calling for my arrest and saying B is or has ever been abused.”
“I only wish someone in your immediate family has Alzheimer’s so you can see feel and experience the pain of millions of people across this country so you can know first hand what it’s like to care 24/7/365 for someone who can no longer care for themselves!” he wrote, before he asked the critics to consider what they would do if they faced similar situation as him.

“I love my wife but I can’t let her take away my life!” he added. “5-10 years from now when many of you who will have an almost predestined meeting with Alzheimer’s because of genetics, obesity, and a myriad of inflammatory diseases, you’ll be wishing for someone to share moments with and ease the pain of loneliness and despair.”
He concluded. “The clock is ticking I know I can and have manage this but can you do it too?”
During the interview, it was revealed that Lerner and Gasby met a bar in the Hamptons in 2017 and became fast friends. While Lerner, a divorced mother of three, “didn’t want to go out with a married man” at first, she admitted she had a realization while having a breakfast with both Gasby and Smith, who have been married for 26 years.

“This is not a man cheating on his wife,” she said in the interview. “What I admire about him is that he takes care of her.”

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