Katy Perry is panned on Twitter for her Dolly Parton tribute at the Grammys

The stars were out in full force to pay tribute to Dolly Parton at the Grammys, but there was one singer that stood out from the others – and not in a good way.

Many were confused as to why Katy Perry was included in the mix of country stars who joined Parton on stage to celebrate her 50-year career.

And they were less than impressed with her rendition of Here You Come Again.

Perry took to the stage with Kasey Musgraves to kick-off the tribute with Parton’s 1977 hit, sporting matching red and gold outfits.
Parton then joined the pair on stage before singing Jolene with her goddaughter Miley Cyrus.

Maren Morris and Little Big Town also joined Parton on stage before the entire group came back to perform ‘9 to 5’, one of the country icon’s most famous tunes.

While the tribute itself received plenty of praise on Twitter, Perry was panned by critics.

‘I’ve seen war. I’ve seen violence. But I’ve never witnessed anything close to the barbaric murder Katy Perry just committed on @DollyParton,’ one brutal review read.

‘@katyperry should be publically flogged for the heinous crimes she committed against the ICONIC @DollyParton during the #GrammyAwards2019 tonight,’ one commenter wrote.
‘That outfit alone. Couldn’t they have just given that whole thing to sweet @KaceyMusgraves with those lovely brows?’

‘Katy Perry needs to be banned from any further @DollyParton tributes. #GrammyAwards,’ another added.

‘Dolly Parton had to go out there and save Katy Perry. Just saying,’ one commenter quipped.

Some called Perry’s performance ‘over the top’, even accusing her of trying to ‘outshine’ Musgraves.
‘Dolly Parton has some spunky songs that, in tribute, can be done v. cool. Katy Perry seemed to know this and tried….too hard?’ one critic wrote before adding that they thought Cyrus was ‘perfect’.

‘Not a good song for Katy Perry to sing. Sorry. That was bad,’ another added.

‘Katy Perry over sang and tried too hard to do Dolly Parton. Swish swish another song that you butchered,’ said another, referring to Perry’s kiss-off track Swish Swish.
‘That was an awful performance by Katy Perry. I mean, if you’re gonna sing a classic by Dolly Parton. Don’t chop it like that, just awful,’ one critic wrote.

‘All the other performers did an excellent job, including the Legendary Dolly Parton herself.’

Many wondered why Perry was selected for the tribute that was otherwise filled with country musicians.

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