Vivica A. Fox Ready To Find Herself Real Man Instead Of Sexy Hunks

Vivica A. Fox fears she’s still single because she spent too much time looking for sexy hunks instead of soulmates.
The “Kill Bill” star, who counts rapper 50 Cent among her exes, admits she’s tired of flings based on sex and wants a real man to sweep her off her feet.
In a candid chat on her TV panel show “Face the Truth”, the 54-year-old actress revealed her search for the ideal mate has changed in recent years.

“A six pack and a smile used to get me every time,” she said, “but now I’ve grown up and honestly I am looking for a good partner. I need someone that’s going to make me laugh… I need someone that’s going to make me smile.”
Vivica, who was previously married to singer Christopher Harvest from late 1998 until their divorce in 2002, added, “I want a man that when I see him he gives me butterflies, that every time his number pops up on my phone that I get excited to see him.”
“Before, I used to put sex before getting to know a person and trust me, I’m single… Now, I’m taking the time to get to know someone that loves to travel, that loves sports, that loves to have fun, that enjoys life, and (has) got his own money.”

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