Serena and Venus Williams’ stepmother ‘swindled their disabled father

Serena and Venus Williams’ stepmother swindled their disabled father out of his Florida home on his 75th birthday, illegally remortgaged the property to buy a truck, which was found smashed up 1,200 miles away in New York, according to court papers obtained by

The latest legal drama surrounding the couple stems from a lender demanding Richard Williams to pay back borrowed money. But Williams claims his estranged wife Lakeisha Williams forged his signature – so she should be the one to pay.

Williams, who has suffered two strokes and can barely speak, claims Lakeisha, 39, forged his signature in order to change the deed on his house into her name.

The 77-year-old claims an associate of Lakeisha’s pretended to be him so she could borrow nearly $300,000 of equity on his house from ‘hard lender’ – not traditional mortgage lender – David Simon, who charged 12 percent interest.

In Simon’s deposition, he revealed Lakeisha approached him for a loan after seeing a ‘for sale’ sign on his $79,000 Volvo semi truck tractor near their home in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.
Simon would only sell the truck to Lakeisha if he had property as collateral, which was in Richard’s name, so Lakeisha transferred the deeds into her name by allegedly faking her husband’s signature.

On Williams’ birthday – February 14, 2017, – Simon and Lakeisha completed the deal and she borrowed $152,000 that same day.

Then, in April, Simon lent her a further $22,000, and in May, an extra $105,000. She then tried to borrow an even larger amount in October, but Simon refused saying she didn’t have sufficient collateral.

The interest repayments on the initial $152,000 loan was $3,381.16 a month, but Simon said repayments were ‘very sporadic’. According to the terms, she’d have to pay back the full loan amount plus 12 percent interest within two years. This would mean she’d have paid nearly $160,000 over two years just in interest alone.

For the first time it was revealed in Palm Beach County Court the reason for Lakeisha wanting to transfer the property deeds into her name – she was starting some sort of truck business in Long Island, New York, but with one truck – the ‘Volvo semi-tractor’ bought from Simon.

But the truck was then repossessed by Simon in June of 2018 after an incident in Long Island City. He said in his deposition: ‘The truck was located in New York, Long Island City, having been in an accident and causing $30,000 worth of damage to property.

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