Celine Dion Insists ‘Nothing’s Wrong’ Amid Concerns About Her Shrinking Figure

Celine Dion is brushing off concerns over her thin appearance, insisting she is as healthy as she has ever been.
The singer, who was unveiled as L’Oreal Paris’ new global ambassador on Tuesday, April 02, has assured fans she’s happy and well after some expressed alarm over her shrinking frame on social media.
During a sit down chat with breakfast show “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, the singer said, “I’m thin. I’m kind, too, you know? It’s true that I’m a little thinner, (but) everything’s fine, nothing’s wrong.”

In the interview, the “My Heart Will Go On” hitmaker reflected on the death of her manager and husband, Rene Angelil, three years ago, stating, “You cannot stop living,” as she shared advice for others dealing with grief.
“Go forward,” she said. “And today’s the first day of the beginning of my life, because I know that I don’t have to worry.”

The 51-year-old has leaned on her three children for support over the past three years, adding, “The kids are growing… and I look at them and I’m like, ‘Wow, we’ve done a great job’. And I’m so proud.”

As for romance, Dion has previously insisted rumours of a romance between her and backup dancer Pepe Munoz are untrue, but during the “GMA” interview, she revealed she has found love again in new ways.

“I am in love,” she admitted. “Love is not necessarily to marry again. When I see a rainbow, when I see a sunset… a beautiful dance number, I laugh, I cry. I’m very much in love.”

And she’s in a very positive place in her life, stating, “I feel so powerful and in charge and grounded and happy… I feel stronger, more beautiful… I don’t need to prove myself to the industry, to my family, to my friends, because I think I have done it for many years.”

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