Wendy Williams ‘Disgusted’ By Reports Of Her ‘Frail’ Figure At Walmart

Wendy Williams recently sparked concern after a picture of her shopping at Walmart surfaced online, with media pointing out at her frail figure during the outing. However, it’s actually not the case. The TV host addressed the report in the latest episode of her “The Wendy Williams Show”, giving some insight about what actually happened when the photo was taken.

Returning to her daytime talk show after a week of hiatus, Wendy began by pointing out at the viral picture. She said, “This became a blog sensation over the weekend, so I’m here to correct. One of the best things about being truthful to yourself and truthful to you and having your own show is I can come on and dispel my own rumors.”
She continued, “The headline was, ‘Poor, lonely Wendy needs a hug.’ Then it said, ‘She looks frail, she was by herself.’ By herself?” Wendy then explained that she wasn’t actually alone at the time, as she was joined by several girl friends from her sober house. The group went camping in Ellen, New York, where Walmart is the social place there.

Wendy also addressed critics of her outfit, which many dubbed a “robe.” In response to this, she said, “You know I have the graves’ disease, where I have pressure by my eyes. Sometimes my eyes go like this. Right? They caught me with an eye pop, also. She was wearing a robe. Yep, a Wendy Show robe. It was 4 in the morning in Ellenville, New York. What do you want me to wear? A ball gown?”

She concluded it by saying, “Thank you, blogs. Do I look frail to you? I was just a little disgusted.”
Wendy made headlines last week after photos of her Walmart trip made its way round online, with many pointing out that she didn’t look good at the time. According to an eyewitness, the 54-year-old “looked frantic” and “wanted to get out of here” once people started taking pictures.

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