Lisa Stansfield Voices Annoyance For Constantly Being Groped By Fans

Pop veteran Lisa Stansfield is forever asking fans to stop groping her at meet and greets.

The 52-year-old admits she’s always dealing with inappropriate sexual behaviour from devotees and she has had to tell some to keep their hands to themselves while posing for photos.
“Try having your picture taken at a meet and greet when someone tries to feel your t*s all the time,” she said during a recent appearance on Yahoo’s “White Wine Question Time” podcast. “It happens all the time. I actually say, ‘Could you get your hands off my tt?’ “

During the chat, the “Been Around The World” singer also opened up about an awkward encounter she had with two Italian promoters, who tried to force her to perform a duet.

“They were doing this San Remo festival in Italy… (and) I didn’t want to do it,” she recalled. “I thought it was really naff to do this song with this Italian star, and I said, ‘No, I really don’t want to do it.’ “

“What they didn’t know was that I spoke Italian. So, over dinner, they start slagging me off, (calling me) ‘a stupid English woman’. After all this I just said, ‘Excuse me gentlemen, but if you want to talk about me, please do it in my own language!’ “

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