Rihanna’s Fenty Clothing Line Slammed For ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Price Range

Rihanna’s latest clothing line isn’t well received by some people. The 31-year-old singer recently debuted Fenty Maison, her collaboration with LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and Internet users are taking issue with the prices.

The luxury clothing line has dropped items sold from $200 for a T-shirt to $1,200 for a reversible parka coat. One article calls out the line for its “classist hypocrisy” over the prices, which are deemed “out of touch with reality” despite its aim of targeting modern women.
“.@rihanna’s luxury clothing line claims to target the ‘modern woman’-but the typical modern woman can’t afford a $200 dollar #FENTY T-shirt,” read a tweet posted by Popdust, along with a link to the article criticizing the clothing line.

But those who criticize the prices forget an important thing, that it has been described as a luxury Fenty fashion line. One Twitter user who defended Rihanna’s clothing line pointed out the obvious thing, “it says ‘luxury clothing line’ like right there.”

Another clapped back at the critics, “Are you drunk? It is an LVMH brand. Do you know the company it keeps? People were able to buy her puma collaboration, and many have access to her makeup. This is upmarket fashion, and we should be thrilled she has been taken seriously enough to launch it.”

“It’s a luxury clothing line not H & M,” someone else reminded others. Another similarly said, “Rihanna has two brands that are at a very accessible price point. Fenty is a luxury brand, not Zara, so the clothing is going to be at a ‘luxury’ price point. What is this take? Lmao.”

Some others wondered why people didn’t make the same complaint about other pricey clothing lines. “why didn’t anyone have this same energy for victoria beckham’s luxury line i wonder?” one asked. Another compared Rihanna’s Fenty line to Kanye West’s Yeezy collection, “you know rihanna will design the most extravagant, amazing clothes yet kanye is out here selling beige t-shirts for 400 bucks, where is that energy for him?”

Rihanna has not responded to the criticism about the prices of her fashion line. She previously said about the collection, “We want the best quality and we want to make something that someone can have forever. I know what’s gone into the making of every single piece.”

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