Bizarre perfume for people who want to smell like SEMEN

A bizarre perfume that smells like semen was inspired by the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, the maker has revealed.

Etat Libre d’Organge’s first perfume, which also has aromas of blood, sweat and saliva, launched around a decade ago.

Secretions Magnifiques received a dismal response but has gained huge popularity as people buy it out of curiosity.

In reviews, customers have described the smell as being like ‘an ill toddler’, ‘indescribably skanky’ and ‘salty’.

Now, its creator Etienne de Swardt has explained his thought process behind the individual scent.

He wanted to replicate the fear of engaging in sex at a time when he was ‘worried’ about AIDS.

The AIDS and HIV epidemic raged through the world in the 1980s, killing thousands of people at a time when little was understood about it.
In an interview with Vice, Mr de Swardt said: ‘When I was a young teen I was worried about the AIDS crisis.

‘[Secretions Magnifiques] is very connected to the eighties and to the viral risk. I thought about doing a perfume that would smell exactly like the situation, where, you don’t know if you’re going for it, or if you’re protecting yourself from what you want.

‘You are at the point between pornography and romanticism. You are lost between attraction and repulsion. It is a very dual perfume.’

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