Alf star Max Wright dies aged 75 after battling with cancer

Alf star Max Wright has lost his long fight against cancer at the age of 75. The veteran actor passed away at his Hermosa Beach, California home on Wednesday, TMZ reports. He was first diagnosed with Lymphoma in 1995 but it’s understood that he was in remission for a long time. News of his death comes two years after his wife Linda Ybarrondo, with whom he shared children Ben, 44, and Daisy, 50, died from breast cancer. Sitcom star Max is still best known for playing Willie Tanner in puppet-led comedy Alf, which centered on the arrival of a small, wise-cracking alien from the planet Melmac, who came to crash family life.

From its launch in 1986 until the final episode Consider Me Gone in 1990, the sitcom saw Max play the part of a long-suffering patriarch in a suburban family, with a wife (Anne Shedeen), two children (Andrea Elson, Benji Gregory) and suddenly, an alien. Though the chemistry proved popular with audiences, working alongside a puppet wasn’t exactly plain-sailing, Max would later admit, saying he couldn’t wait for the sitcom to be over by the end. He told People in 2000: ‘It was hard work and very grim. By the end of the series’ four-year hitch, I was hugely eager to have it over with.’

Michu Meszaros, the 2ft 9in actor Hungarian actor who originally played Alf, died in June 2016. Five years after Alf wrapped, Max was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which made him feel ‘numb’. Though it was a ‘very scary’ time, he said, he underwent chemotherapy and radiation and had been cancer-free for five years by 2000.

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