Tyler Perry Gives Hurricane Dorian Relief In The Bahamas Access To Personal Seaplane

Actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry is aiding the relief effort in the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian by giving volunteers access to his seaplane.

The aircraft is being used to fly supplies to the Abaco Islands, which were battered by the storm earlier this week (begin September 2).
And, according to TMZ, Tyler is also helping to fill the plane with much needed supplies, like water, clothing and diapers.

Volunteers are also using the plane to get those needing medical attention to the hospital.

More than 20 people lost their lives as the hurricane hit the Bahamas hard, levelling huge areas of the islands.

It’s not the first time the generous star has offered up one of his planes to help people in need – he gave Whitney Houston’s family access to his private plane so they could fly the late singer’s remains home to New Jersey from California for her funeral in 2012.

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