Wendy Williams Announces She’s ‘Very Claimed’

Wendy Williams is off the market, guys! The daytime talk show host hinted in the Wednesday, October 30 episode of “The Wendy Williams Show” that she is currently in a relationship after her split from estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

During her conversation with LisaRaye McCoy, who was the guest in the episode, she revealed that she’s been officially taken. When talking about each other’s love lives, Wendy said, “Oh, no no no! I’m getting a divorce, but I’m very claimed.”
“You are claimed?” LisaRaye asked, to which the host confidently responded, “I’m very claimed!”

The identity of Wendy’s new man has yet to be revealed.

In related news, Wendy made use of the episode to pay tribute to actor John Witherspoon who passed away on Tuesday, October 29 at the age of 77. Even though Wendy didn’t personally know the late actor, who was known for his role as John “Pops” Williams on “The Wayans Bros.” sitcom, his sudden death affected her greatly.

“I didn’t know him know him, but he’d been on my radio show,” she told the audience while crying. “He’d been here on the TV show. We didn’t hear that he was sick. He died suddenly.”

“He was Pops! He was in ‘Boomerang’,” she continued. “He was only 77 years old, and we never saw him sickly. He was with it and just…that guy. So, shout-out to his wife, to his two sons, and the rest of his family and friends. Rest in peace John Witherspoon.”

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