Madonna Sued By Fan For Delaying Her Concert For Two Hours

An angry Madonna fan has launched a class action lawsuit against the pop superstar over her decision to start a concert later at night than planned.

Nate Hollander claims he was denied a refund when he tried to return his tickets for Madonna’s December 17 Madame X gig in Miami Beach, Florida, after she moved the start time from 8.30 P.M. to 10.30 P.M.
According to his suit, obtained by TMZ, he insists a 10.30 P.M. start time is ridiculous for a Tuesday evening show.

And Hollander insists he can’t even sell on the three tickets he bought for more than $1,000 because they’ve lost their value now Madonna has declared her gigs will start later.

He has launched a class action lawsuit, encouraging other angry fans to join him, and he is going after Madonna for damages.

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