Whitney Houston’s Best Friend Rebuffs Molestation Allegations Against Dee Dee Warwick

Whitney Houston’s best friend and former lover is convinced there is no truth to allegations suggesting the superstar was molested as a child by cousin Dionne Warwick’s late sister.

Houston’s longtime assistant, Mary Jones, first made the accusations against Dee Dee Warwick in director Kevin Macdonald’s documentary “Whitney (2018)”, which debuted at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, in which she claimed the “I Will Always Love You” hitmaker had confided in her about being inappropriately touched by her then-adult relative when she was a child.
Whitney’s brother Gary Houston also made an appearance onscreen and made similar allegations against an unnamed female relative, who reportedly behaved badly with both him and his singer sister, but their mother Cissy Houston publicly denied the gossip, as Dionne condemned the claims against her sibling as “absolutely untrue.”

Now Whitney’s longtime pal, Robyn Crawford, has offered up her thoughts on the controversial subject, insisting the tragic icon would have said something to her over the years had she been a victim of child abuse.

Asked if Whitney had ever mentioned the molestation to her during her lifetime, Robyn told U.S. breakfast show “Today”, “No, she did not. She never mentioned to me that she was molested by Dee Dee, and we talked a lot about our families, and she shared her concerns about her family, and disappointments, and the love of her family, and if there was any truth to that, I would know about it.”

Robyn also used the interview to dismiss the idea that she had left Whitney’s inner circle due to her dislike of then-husband Bobby Brown, which is long thought to have led to the two friends’ estrangement, 15 years before the legend’s death in 2012.

“That’s not true, though Bobby was annoying – he was very annoying,” Robyn admitted.

“Whitney and I didn’t fall out; I was always there for her, she knew that. We talked; we were never estranged. Estranged means that someone calculated and said, ‘You don’t come here.’ That is not true.”

“I moved on because I felt that I had done all that I could do, but she knew where to find me.”
And Robyn claims she continues to feel Whitney’s presence to this day – even as she promotes her new memoir, “A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston”.

“I want to celebrate Whitney…,” Robyn said of writing the book. “She’s been with me throughout. I wouldn’t be able to tell the story that I have written without Whitney… and what I will say, is on my way here (for the TV interview), I was thinking of her, and she said, ‘Welcome to my world.’ “

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