Mel B accuses nanny who ‘broke apart her marriage’ of being her former husband’s ‘girlfriend and mistress’

Mel B has reportedly claimed the nanny who ‘broke apart her marriage to Stephen Belafonte’ is her ex-husband’s ‘girlfriend’ and ‘mistress’.

The mother-of-three, 44, is said to have made the accusation in court papers filed after she discovered Lorraine Gilles, 29, was still caring for her eight-year-old daughter Madison.

The Spice Girl is also alleged to have claimed her young daughter had been ‘forced to perpetuate a lie formed by her father’ to keep Gilles ‘out of trouble’.

Mel B said Madison had been asked by her father to refer to Gilles as ‘Jenny’ so her mother would not find out about his apparent relationship, reports have claimed.

But the eight-year-old allegedly told her older sister Phoenix, 21, about the pair.

Mel B reportedly claimed in the legal papers that her oldest child, from her first marriage to Jimmy Gulzar, was shocked by the development because she knew her mother and Belafonte had a ‘confidential agreement’ banning the nanny from being near her family.

In documents seen by The Sun, she said: ‘I am shocked that our daughter would be forced to perpetuate a lie formed by her father simply to keep his mistress/girlfriend/nanny out of trouble.

‘It is psychologically abusive for our little girl to be forced to keep secrets for her father or be made to believe that she cannot share what she wants… with her mother.’

The accusation comes after Gilles was recently snapped picking up Madison from her school in Los Angeles as she walked the family dog.

Gilles, who was 18 when she was hired by the couple as a nanny, admitted to having sex with both Belafonte and Mel in threesomes during a deposition in their divorce case in 2017.

In April 2019, the Spice Girl paid out $1.8 million to settle a defamation lawsuit brought against her by Gilles whom she had called a ‘prostitute’ and a ‘homewrecker’ two years earlier.

Mel B and Belafonte currently share joint custody of Madison following their acrimonious divorce.

However, in early February it was reported Belafonte, 44, had filed for full custody of their child.

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