Tyler Perry Buys Groceries For Elderly Shoppers Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Media mogul Tyler Perry is continuing to spread good cheer during the coronavirus pandemic by covering the cost of groceries for elderly shoppers in Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana.

The “Gone Girl” star reached out to managers at 44 Kroger stores in his hometown of Atlanta, and 29 Winn Dixie retailers in his native New Orleans on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 to arrange payment for all of the customers who stopped by during the early hour reserved for older shoppers and others considered high risk if they contract Covid-19, according to People.com.

The 50 year old’s kind act comes just days after he reportedly left a bumper $21,000 tip to be split between 42 employees at one of his favourite Atlanta eateries, chain restaurant Houston’s, after picking up a food order for takeout.

Perry frequently uses his wealth to help those in need, and previously surprised holiday shoppers at two Atlanta-area Walmart stores by picking up the tabs for all items placed on layaway, a service allowing customers to pay an item deposit and cover the balance at a later date.

The Christmas 2019 gift cost the actor/director an estimated $434,000.

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