Boris Kodjoe Reportedly Cheating On Nicole Ari Parker For Years

This is surely not a good news for Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker. Following their recent Instagram Live session, people have been wondering whether there’s trouble in their marriage, and now a new report has suggested that the Austrian-born actor has been cheating on her for years.

A source alleged to Gossip of the City that s/he first spotted Boris with his side chick back in 2014. “I was at all white party at Hard Rock in Vegas,” so the source said. “Boris hosted the party and his gorgeous a** side piece was there with him. I swear to you this is facts! She sat pretty in his section all night.”

The source then claimed to meet the two again two years later. “Just seen him in Beverly Hills hotel. Just so happen the same chick in the lobby,” the insider continued. “He’s in love with the girl, it’s well known throughout L.A.”

Boris has yet to respond to the cheating accusation.

It arrived shortly after Nicole expressed in Live how she wished Boris would act like when they were still dating. “There’s people that flirt with you, and the part of the flirtation doesn’t necessarily make you go wayward, but part of the flirtation that even makes you look at your phone, or even in your workspace, is that they have like a freshness or a newness,” she continued. “I personally believe that if you’re in it for the long haul, that freshness and newness is still possible if you talk about it.”

Nicole added, “Be like, ‘Look, I know we talk about date night. Let’s go have a date night. I know we talk about kissing and texting for no reason, but the last time you text me was over like the cabinet guy.’ “

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