Spandau Ballet’s Ross William Wild Tried To Kill Himself After He’s ‘Fired’ On Live TV

Ross William Wild tried to end his life after Spandau Ballet seemingly fired him on live TV – despite him already quitting the group.

Ross joined the band for a brief period in 2018 after Tony Hadley quit, but told Britain’s The Sun newspaper he was “ignored” by the band’s management after fulfilling tour commitments.

Despite having toured Europe with bandmates Martin Kemp, Gary Kemp, Steve Norman, and John Keeble, including a sold-out gig in London, he insisted he “couldn’t afford to be left on a shelf, not knowing where my next meal was coming from.”

“I told Spandau I wanted to leave and they wished me luck,” Ross explained. “Then the next day they forced Martin Kemp on This Morning and made him act like I was just being brushed aside.”

According to the singer, Martin didn’t reference his departure from the group, simply sharing that they wouldn’t perform again without Tony.

“I never even got to say that I quit, to own any part of my story. I was so humiliated as they had treated me so badly for so long,” he said, adding, “That’s when I tried to kill myself and I wound up in hospital in Cannes.”

He added, “I’d just been made to look like I wasn’t worth s**t but it was me that quit Spandau. They humiliated me. It hit me like a ton of bricks.”

Ross insisted he has maintained close friendships with both Martin and Steve since leaving the group, however, he said he has had little contact with Gary.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, Gary recently revealed he “didn’t enjoy” working with Ross, adding of a possible future reunion, “If everyone decided to do it, I’d do it. I’m not trying to stop anyone We tried to do it with a different singer a year ago… I don’t think it works for us all.”

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