Elton John’s Ex-Wife Tried To Commit Suicide During Their Honeymoon

Elton John’s former wife allegedly tried to commit suicide just three days into their honeymoon after the rocker informed her the marriage “was not working.”

Renate Blauel is taking the superstar to court, demanding $3.8 million (£3 million) amid claims suggesting he breached their divorce deal by publishing details about their failed 1984 union in his 2019 memoir and having the relationship featured in his “Rocketman” biopic.

The German-born sound engineer, who has been keeping a low profile ever since the couple’s 1988 divorce, argues the projects have renewed media interest in her private life, forcing her to spend thousands of pounds on treatment and therapy for anxiety.

Blauel insists Elton must have been aware of how digging up details from his romantic past would cause her mental health issues because she had suffered panic attacks and bouts of depression during their time together.

In new legal papers filed in London’s High Court, Blauel reveals one particular low point came just days after they tied the knot while they were on the traditional vacation in St. Tropez, France.

She recalls taking an overdose of prescription medication Valium after Elton informed her “the marriage was not working and that he wanted her to leave” three days into their stay, reports the BBC.

Blauel also recalls an incident “in or about 1985” when she had to excuse herself from a lunch the then-couple had hosted for members of Britain’s royal family after experiencing a panic attack while chatting to Princess Margaret.

Sir Elton, who ‘came out’ as gay in 1988 and now has a family with his film producer husband David Furnish, has previously denied breaching the terms of their divorce agreement or causing any “psychological harm” to his ex, and in a new statement responding to the latest allegations, his legal representative Jenny Afia insisted, “Elton has always respected Renate’s privacy and will continue to do so.”

However, she described how “baffling” it was for Blauel to centre her case “around privacy when at every stage of these proceedings Renate has chosen to file these claims in the public domain.”

Afia continued, “This only goes to show the true purpose of this claim which is to extract a large sum of money from Elton and tarnish his name publicly with falsehoods.”

The court case is ongoing.

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