Boris Becker Facing Seven Years In Jail As He Pleads Not Guilty To Hiding Assets In Bankruptcy Case

Boris Becker has pleaded not guilty to charges of hiding more than $1.3 million (£1 million) worth of assets from his bankruptcy.

The tennis legend faces a jail term of up to seven years if convicted on the 19 criminal charges of failing to comply with his obligations to disclose his financial affairs after declaring bankruptcy back in 2017.

Becker, who now lives in south London, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (24Sep20), where he was accused of concealing $1.33 million (£1.04 million) from the trustees between May and September 2017, removing property, including $1 million (£794,000) in cash, and failing to disclose two properties in Germany and a flat in Chelsea, west London. He is also accused of hiding a debt of $959,000 (£752,000) and 75,000 shares in the technology company Breaking Data Corp.

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